Clemco Contractor Blast Package 4 Cubic Ft

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Clemco Contractor Blast Package with Apollo HP Respirators

This kit comes complete with everything you will need(Minus the Air supply).

RLX Pnuematic Handle

Quantum Metering Valve

50 Ft Blast Hose(Coupled)

Nylon Nozzle Holder 

Nylon Quick Coupling

Blast Hose Safety Cable

Air Filter With Manual Drain

Abrasive Trap

Abrasive Trap Screen

Blast Nozzle

Blast Machine Screen

Nylon Tie(8 pcs)

Poly All Weather Machine Cover

Apollo 600 HP DLX Helmet with Clem-Cool

50 Ft Respirator Hose

CPF-20 Breathing Air Filter with Regulator, Installed

One Pair Leather Gloves

One 25 Pack Apollo 60/600 Outer Lenses

One 5 Pack Apollo 60/600 Intermediate Lenses

Two 10 Packs Quick Coupling Gaskets

One 10 Pack Nozzle Washers